Fine Jewelry Boxes

wooden boxJewelry boxes are a unique place for storing precious treasures or perfect for the special gift.

The jewelry box is a unique place to store your jewelry. This is a very desirable product that can be used to store items and treasures, and they are actually produced in many different designs. One can choose between many different materials as well as the style of the jewelry box. Both of them will contribute to your very own personalized jewelry box.

There are many sources of jewellery boxes one can easily locate suppliers and there are a lot of stores online as well. A good box is often just made of wood but it is also possible to buy boxes of stained glass cover or fabrics. Wood types include a wide variety including mahogany, elm, walnut and pine. The jewelry box can be divided into compartments for storing various pieces of jewelry.

One can find the boxes carved with beautiful figures or elements. You can find boxes decorated with wood materials, fabrics, tassels and other additions. For more elegance, one can think of a solid wood that is filled with fabrics or Victorian illustrations can be added to make them more attractive.

There are also boxes that give the owner a feeling that the jewelry box is very personal. For an example the lid can have a place to insert pictures. You can also find boxes with spinning dancers those are another favorite among jewelry boxes.

There are many examples of old jewelry music boxes, like the one painted by Pierre Auguste Renoir the French impressionist’s La Loge. This one were made of mahogany and lacquer quality of the old world.

When it is opened it plays the theme of a love story from a film and the cover represents a couple in a theatre dressed in black. A jewelry box can have many variations, and such places as the galleries of Courtauld institute London finds pride in preserving these classic fine jewelry boxes.