Bali Traditional Batik

batikThe Bali traditional Batik craft itself is using a technique from Java, but it is also a traditional Balinese handicraft.

There are two popular types of fabric from Bali the batik and the polo. The batik is characterized by a very special design which is created in a single process, which involves the implementation of the wax to form various patterns.

It is used to colour fabrics and involves applying layers of wax on the regions that you do not want to dye. This process can be repeated as often as desired, allowing overlay colours, making this a rich variety of hues. It is recommended that you always wash the Bali Batik fabric with hot water before you start sewing so the wax is washed away completely.

The other traditional fabric on Bali is called the “pole” in Balinese which means “without substance”. These polos are dyed by the hand and any wax added thereafter creates a design or pattern on it. This way it is easy to create a style with a lot of personality.

Fabrics originating from Bali and especially Bali traditional Batiks offer a wide variety of designs, qualities and unique handcrafts. Through its sophisticated patterns it achieves elegance and style in a very simple and colourful way.

The Bali traditional Batiks are characterized by their colourful patterns and come in a variety of colours to match the specific requirements and decoration needs. Fabrics from Bali are popular not only because they are all individually handmade but also because of its unparalleled quality.

Where You Can Find Bali Traditional Batiks?

The best place to go shopping for Bali traditional Batiks is online. Here you will find a large selection, which varies in terms of quality and price. You can even come into contact with some of these stores by phone if you have any questions or urgent requirements. The huge numbers of designs, patterns and ideas awaits you in the online stores.

Try to shop around before deciding on a design or a particular pattern of the fabric that originates from Bali so you can be sure you have found the best product. Make sure to ask all your questions before you order and pay for your Bali traditional Batik.