Bali Beaded Jewelry

bali jewelryIn the store categories to the left you will find that all the jewelry are related to Bali. Bali is famous for its jewelry handcraft and has a long history in the field. Shop around for your own personal Bali beaded jewelry from a professional Bali jewelry company.

On Bali you will find a beautiful set of different Bali handicrafts. Bali is known for its high quality handicraft and people have for ages been visiting the little island near Indonesia just to visit the local craftsmanship shops.

In these shops you will find a huge selection of true art. Bali handicrafts cover a wide field of different materials and products. On the rows of the local Balinese shops you will find artwork, pottery, textiles and especially silver!

Silver is probably the material the Balinese craftsmen are most fond of. This has let to a wide selection of different Balinese silver jewelries from necklaces, charms, bracelets, earrings, beads, pins and pendants to other antique silver products.

Bali handicrafts are also known for its good abilities to combine different materials making the products seem more natural. For an example is the combination of combining bones, shells and crystals with silver or other metals like gold into something very beautiful. That is the essence of Bali Handicrafts.

Balinese Craft Information

Bali is known for its quality jewelry products. It has a long history of jewelry craftsmanship. Though the Balinese craft information is lacking a bit the crafts itself are widely known. Bali is an island nearIndonesia with a population of 491.500. Many of the Balinese citizens make their living through craftsmanship and are very skillful at it.

Despite of the good quality products you can still buy Balinese crafts very cheap because an average Balinese citizen earns a lot less than people from western countries.

More Balinese craft information that is relevant to know about the jewelry handicrafts sector is that most jewelry that is made on Bali comes from the city Celuk (also called the jewelry district).

Celuk is about a 30 minutes drive from the capitol city (Denpasar) and here you will find a lot of silversmiths and goldsmiths that is eager to sell their jewelry handicrafts.

We hope the Balinese craft information presented here was helpful in your search for Balinese craft.

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